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SimSpace Elite Impact Screen

SimSpace Elite Impact Screen

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We offer in depth guides, images and videos on how to setup the SimSpace enclosure. For a more information please visit our dedicated page.

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SimSpace Elite Impact Screen

Perfect for home golf enthusiasts the SimSpace Elite Impact Screen, is designed specifically for light home use. Crafted from a tight-knit polyester blend, it ensures excellent image quality and durability.

Our impact screen is ideal for those starting their indoor golf journey. It’s easy to set up in your custom frame, making it the perfect choice for home use.

  • High-Quality Polyester

    This ensures vibrant and clear imagery, enhancing your simulation experience.

  • Single-Layer Construction

    Designed to withstand high-impact shots, providing long-lasting use.

  • Ideal for Home Use

    Affordable and reliable, making it perfect for beginners venturing into indoor golf.