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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

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Embark on an unparalleled golfing experience right from the comfort of your home with the Full Swing Kit Golf Simulator and Golf Enclosure Bundle. This state-of-the-art package offers the perfect blend of technology and realism, making it a must-have for both avid golfers and enthusiasts alike.
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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is an advanced, portable golf tool offering precise, real-time feedback. It provides high-resolution video for swing analysis and displays data on an OLED screen. The device, usable both indoors and outdoors, measures a range of club and ball metrics, aiding in performance improvement. It comes with a user-friendly app for detailed analysis.

  • Bundle with SimSpace

    Experience golf at home with SimSpace Golf Simulator. Over 100 courses, practice areas, and mini-games using E6 Connect Software. Indoor golfing redefined.

  • 5D Doppler Radar

    Experience the pinnacle of golfing technology with our innovative, patented radar: accurate readings in a compact design, all at a lower cost.

  • Heads-Up Display

    The only launch monitor with a customisable, full-colour display. Essential data, tailored visibility for improved golfing experience.

  • Trusted by the Pros

    The Full Swing KIT, trusted by pros like Tiger Woods, delivers elite performance and precision, making it a top choice for serious golfers.

  • Portable

    Designed to easily transport and setup, this product ensures more time swing than setting up, whether you're at home or on the course.

  • 16 Points of Data

    Explore your swing in detail with our launch monitor, offering analysis through 16 points of club and ball radar data for comprehensive insights.