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SimSpace Impact & Noise Absorbing Foam Backing

SimSpace Impact & Noise Absorbing Foam Backing

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SimSpace Impact & Noise Absorbing Foam Backing

Superior sound and impact control with the SimSpace Impact & Noise Absorbing Foam Backing. This foam layer helps reduce noise and impact, extending your impact screen’s lifecycle.

Perfect for any SimSpace impact screen, this foam backing minimises ball bounce back and ensures a quieter, softer impact. It’s easy to attach with bungee cords for added convenience.

  • Sound Dampening

    The foam layer reduces the noise and force of each shot, creating a more pleasant practice environment.

  • Backing Screen

    By absorbing the impact, the foam backing minimises wear and tear on your impact screen.

  • Easy To Attach

    Equipped with eyelets every 8 inches, it can be securely fastened with bungee cords for hassle-free installation.