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Blast Golf Complete Swing & Stroke Analyser

Blast Golf Complete Swing & Stroke Analyser

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Blast Golf offers an innovative mobile app, merging sensor-driven swing analysis with automatically edited videos. It provides instant feedback, enhancing your training effectiveness. The app focuses on timing, crucial for consistent speed and direction control. Follow our scientifically backed, tour-level improvement roadmap through progressive levels, each with a dedicated training video.
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Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyser

Blast Golf's cutting-edge app merges sensor analytics and video capture, offering instant, comprehensive feedback across all shots. Smart video technology and expert insights, including tips from PGA professionals, empower you to refine your game. Compatible with iOS and Android, it's the ultimate tool for understanding and enhancing your golf skills.

  • Bundle with SimSpace

    Enhance your at-home golfing experience by bundling the Golfzon WAVE with a SimSpace Enclosure, combining data analysis with a realistic playing environment.

  • Instant Feedback

    Blast Golf, for both iOS and Android, offers immediate feedback on all shots, from tee to green, capturing and analysing your play for tailored improvement insights.

  • Smart Video Capture

    Smartly captures and auto-clips each swing in slow motion, overlaying key metrics. Easily review, consult your instructor, or share with friends and followers online.

  • Training Centre

    Discover how to utilise the app, comprehend metrics, and gain insights and exercises from Tour and PGA Pros like Brad Faxon.

  • Metrics Don't Lie

    Master your swing with detailed metrics for Putting, Short Game, Bunker Play, and Full Swing, all easily accessible and actionable via the mobile app.

  • Golf Course

    Take Blast Motion out on to the golf course for in-depth analysis of your game, aiding in improved performance and lower golf scores.