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Phigolf 2 Mobile & Home Smart Simulator

Phigolf 2 Mobile & Home Smart Simulator

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Enjoy a round of golf from your own home using your real swing with this exciting golf game! Phigolf 2’s swing stick and improved sensor work on the popular World Golf Tour (WGT) app by Topgolf, E6 Connect app by TruGolf, as well as Phigolf’s own golf app!
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Phigolf 2 Mobile & Home Smart Simulator

From beginners to golf pros alike, Phigolf 2 is perfect for get-togethers, whether you’re planning your next BBQ, birthday party, pizza night or looking for something to keep you entertained on your next trip! It’s a great, interactive way to introduce children, friends, and family to golf (without having to drag them out to a course)!

  • Bundle with SimSpace

    Enhance your at-home golfing experience by bundling the Golfzon WAVE with a SimSpace Enclosure, combining data analysis with a realistic playing environment.

  • Real Swing Experience

    Experience authentic golf from home with Phigolf 2's swing stick and sensor, reflecting your swing in real-time on world-renowned courses.

  • Interactive Golf Fun

    Perfect for social gatherings and introducing golf to family and friends, Phigolf 2 offers engaging gameplay, suitable for all skill levels.

  • Phigolf 2 App

    The Phigolf app offers various golf courses, games, and modes, including solo and multiplayer options across seven enjoyable modes like stroke play and longest drive.

  • WGT Golf

    Play solo or compete online against global friends with Phigolf 2. Access Wolf Creek for free in 'Stroke Play' and 'Closest-to-the-Hole', plus more courses from WGT.

  • E6 Connect

    Offers 40+ renowned courses, games, and online contests with E6 Connect, plus mini-games like Solaro and Henyett, enabling global real-time competition.