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TrueStrike™ MK7 Hitting Mats

TrueStrike™ MK7 Hitting Mats

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We offer delivery to many international countries with warehouses located in USA, UK, Europe and China. For a more details please visit our Shipping policy page.

Installation Guide

We offer in depth guides, images and videos on how to setup the SimSpace enclosure. For a more information please visit our dedicated page.

Included In the Box

2x Edge Trim | 1x Gel Section
2x Edge Trim | 1x Gel Section | 2x Range Mat Section
1x Edge Trim | 1x Ball Tray | 1x Gel Section | 3x Range Mat Section
2x Edge Trim | 1x Gel Section | 4x Range Mat Section
2x Ball Try | 2x Gel Sections | 4x Range Mat Section

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TrueStrike™ MK7 Hitting Mats

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, TrueStrike Mats offer the perfect home practice solutions for all your golfing needs. With TrueStrike's unique realistic practice surface, you can hit down and through the shot just like on real turf. Discover the difference – Tell Me More.

  • Modular Design

    Modular components are built to last. Quick and straightforward to assemble, making it convenient to set up and reconfigure as needed.

  • Perfect Size

    Available in various sizes from 50 to 288 cm wide and all mats measure 130 cm long and 6 cm high, catering to different swing rooms.

  • Gel Section

    The gel bag under TrueStrike strike surface allows the gel section to perform in the same fashion as natural turf absorbing and dispersing shock and vibration

  • No More Bounce

    TrueStrike’s surface dissipates the blow, providing immediate, realistic feedback and eliminating the unnatural bounce of typical golf mats.

  • Durable & Cost-Effective

    TrueStrike endures heavy use, with a strike surface lasting up to 55,000 iron shots before needing replacement