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Golfzon WAVE Simulator & Launch Monitor

Golfzon WAVE Simulator & Launch Monitor

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The Golfzon WAVE is a ground breaking golf system that uses radar and infrared to give precise data. It's good for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with the WAVE Skills mobile app, which shows 34 different pieces of data, and Vision WAVE, which lets you play on famous golf courses.
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Golfzon WAVE Simulator & Launch Monitor

Two devices work together to make the Golfzon WAVE, the first portable system in the world that gives you information for every golf shot. Improve your game with the Golfzon WAVE, which works well with other devices like smart phone & watches, letting you see and understand your golf data right away.

  • Bundle with SimSpace

    Enhance your at-home golfing experience by bundling the Golfzon WAVE with a SimSpace Enclosure, combining data analysis with a realistic playing environment.

  • WAVE Radar

    The WAVE Radar launch monitor uses advanced Doppler Radar Technology to provide detailed data for everything from powerful drives to gentle chips.

  • WAVE Putt

    The WAVE Putt sensor, using precise infrared technology, picks up the fine details of even the softest putts, offering accuracy that matches more expensive equipment.

  • Vision Software

    The Golfzon WAVE offers 3D simulations of 100+ golf courses for practice, play, and global competition, with options for HD or a full realistic setup.

  • Skills App

    The WAVE Skills App, ideal for serious golfers, captures and instantly displays precise shot data, allowing progress tracking during practice.

  • 34 Parametres

    The Golfzon WAVE records 34 parameters for every club, from driver to putter, offering unparalleled detail. Connect via Wi-Fi to view detailed, easy-to-understand graphics of each shot.