Welcome to our comprehensive Installation Video series, dedicated to providing you with step-by-step guidance for assembling your SimSpace. Whether you're a first-time user or an experienced assembler, these videos are crafted to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.

SimSpace Golf Enclosure Assembly Videos

SimSpace Golf Enclosure Assembly Instructions

1. For ease of assembly, lay out all the pieces and have the poles arranged in size order (see image). Quantities will vary depending on model.

2. Start building the enclosure by placing the base corner units and joining poles to make the base frame as shown below. Lay the fabric down making sure the Velcro straps are at the back and the plush side of the fabric is face down.

3. Insert the top centre poles through the fabric pockets on both sides. Then connect these poles to the upper side sections as shown in the images below.

4. Next attach the front centre poles to both top corners to complete the frame of the enclosure.

5. First secure the Velcro around the front poles and then around the base poles. Next attach all the rear Velcro straps around the rear poles and tighten the fabric.

6. Begin by attaching the impact screen to the inner Velcro strips, starting at one of the corners. Use the long bungee toggles to secure the top and the shorter toggles for the sides, fastening them to the rear of the screen and around the poles.

SimSpace Practice Net Assembly Video

SimSpace Practice Net Assembly Instructions

1. Assemble the lower front bar.

2. Connect the lower frame.

3. Add side posts to the lower bar.

4. Assemble the top frame. With the side netting and Velcro facing up, feed the netting through the frame.

5. Connect the top frame to the side posts and slide the netting down.

6. Attach the Velcro strap to the lower bar to secure the net in place.

7. Fill the side net anchors with sand or something heavy. Your net is now ready to use.