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Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator

Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator

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  • The premier golf putting simulator for your home, office, or personal den.
  • Connect Exputt to your large-screen TV or access it on-the-go via the mobile app.
  • Receive instant feedback with crucial putting analytics.
  • Customise your putting experience by adjusting slope levels & putt distances.
  • Enjoy playing on iconic golf courses such as Pebble Beach.
  • Gather your mates for a challenge and find out who's the pro putter.
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Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator

Experience the green in your living room with Exputt RG. Effortlessly set up by unrolling the mat and connecting the high-speed camera, it tracks your swing and ball movement with precision. Quickly immerse yourself in a realistic golf experience on your favourite courses, right at home.

  • Bundle with SimSpace

    Enhance your golfing setup by bundling the ExPutt RG with a SimSpace enclosure or net, creating the ultimate indoor golf experience right in your own space.

  • Simple Setup

    Plug in ExPutt using the power and HDMI cables, turn it on, adjust the camera, and immediately enjoy a sophisticated putting setup.

  • Instant Feedback

    Refine your stroke with the ExPutt RG, offering comprehensive feedback on every putt, including insights on ball velocity, putter trajectory, and clubface alignment.

  • Real Improvement

    Perfect your short game from home with the ExPutt RG, featuring regular updates of new real-life course greens for an authentic practice experience.

  • Compete Online

    Take your short game to the next level by engaging in online challenges with ExPutt RG. Compete against users worldwide in diverse game modes, perfecting your skills and rising in the ranks.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled

    Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, the ExPutt RG seamlessly downloads automatic software updates, keeping your device consistently equipped with the very latest features.