Play Safe with SimSpace Home Golf Simulator

Play Safe with SimSpace Home Golf Simulator


We're thrilled that you have chosen SimSpace, we want to ensure your experience is both fun and safe. Please take a moment to read through our comprehensive safety guidelines designed specifically for your new home golf simulator and enclosure setup.

Assembling your SimSpace home golf simulator should be hassle-free:

Frame Kit Assembly: Organize your frame kit components by size and shape. Each kit includes steel tubes, a black knit fabric ceiling panel, two wall panels, an impact screen, optional foam inserts, and ball bungees. Our enclosures are crafted for easy assembly by two people, and no tools are required. You’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions included with your kit.

Professional Assistance:  While our kits are designed for straightforward DIY assembly, we recommend having at least two adults involved to ensure safety and accuracy during the installation process.

Choosing the Right Location
Setting up in the ideal spot is crucial for safety and enjoyment:

Space Requirements: Choose a spacious, well-ventilated indoor area with minimal foot traffic. Ensure there’s at least 46 cm of clear space behind the impact screen, ceilings are at least 3 meters high for ceiling-mounted equipment, and there's ample horizontal clearance for a full golf swing.

Safety Considerations: If children or pets are present, consider using a closed room, baby gates, or exercise pens to prevent accidents.

Installation Safety
Take precautions during setup:

Follow Instructions Closely: Review all installation instructions and watch our instructional video in full before starting. Keep an eye out for safety tips and potential hazards mentioned in the documentation.

Equipment Setup
Make sure everything is securely installed:

Power Supply: Connect all electrical components to a surge protector and organize cords to prevent tripping hazards.

Projector and Screen Setup: Securely mount the projector and ensure the screen is tightly fastened. Regularly check for wear and tear.


Play Safety
Before you tee off, always do a safety check:

Inspect Equipment: Look for signs of damage or wear before each use and replace damaged components immediately.

Pad Hard Surfaces: Place padding over all hard surfaces near the net or screen to minimize injury risk from ricocheted balls.

Clearance and Spacing: Ensure everyone maintains a safe distance from the swing area and confirm there's enough clearance during practice swings.

Keep your system in top shape:

Regular Checks: Carry out regular inspections and maintenance for optimal safety and performance.

Software Updates: Update your simulator’s software regularly to include the latest safety features and performance enhancements.

Emergency Procedures
Be prepared for any situation:

Power Failure: Know how to manually shut down your system in case of an emergency.

First Aid: Keep a first aid kit handy and be familiar with basic first aid procedures.

Contact Information

If you have any safety concerns or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our support team:

Phone: +44 (0) 1253 407272


Enjoying your SimSpace Golf Simulator comes with responsibilities. Following these guidelines will enhance your golfing experience and ensure your safety. Remember, our enclosures are intended strictly for golf use. Stay safe and have fun on the virtual greens!

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